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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Physio pain!

Wow, did my physio give me a good going over on my calf yesterday!

Its the first time I have seen him for a few months, probably since August. I was seeing him for at least a couple of months about my ongoing calf strain. In August we had finally reached the point where the strength and flexibility of the calf seemed good and he basically thought he could do no more to help me and it was just a case of more strengthening exercises and a gradual comeback.

Well yesterday it was as if he and my calf were making up for lost time. He did the usual assessment for the first session back and decided that the softly, softly approach was out the window and we were heading into the realm of deep massage!

In my semi-pro footballing days I had a number of persistent injury problems, the worst of which was my right hamstring. Those hamstring strains were often treated by the club physios with deep massage. I had remembered it being a painful experience, but the mind is clever and blocks out memories of extreme pain, as I'm sure mothers of two of more will agree. Not that I am saying that deep massage and childbirth are in the same league. I found childbirth quite painless to be honest!

So the physio set about the massage, nice and gently to start with, before gradually building up to the point where I wouldn't have been surprised to look round (I was lying on my front) and have found a 50 stone man putting all his weight through my calf muscle.

How my leg didn't break I have no idea. More than that, with all the straining against the pain, I have no idea how I didn't let out a little (or big) puff of wind straight in his direction.

We briefly discussed a few products that might help with the massage process. One of which was the 66fit Foam Roller that I have since found on Amazon. As follows:

Eventually our friendly conversation turned into a one way stream of him telling me "I'd say sorry, but I wouldn't mean it" and "its not hurting me". This and my will not to cry (too much) finally turned my resistance to pained delirious laughing. I had to let it out somehow.

Finally he eased off and slowed to a stop. I got off the physio table and found that my pummelled leg was now reduced to hobbling again. Luckily that hasn't lasted, although the calf is still sore. I suppose its bound to be for a day or two. Then the physio happily turned his thoughts to "next time". Oh no, I have another 3 or 4 weeks of this. Thankfully he has given me a week to recover, both physically and mentally.

I left his company with a jovial "see you next week" and I even shook his hand and said thank you as if I had really enjoyed it, when actually I just wanted to cry at the prospect of doing it all again next week!

I can't wait. Not! Lets hope its a slow week.


  1. Hello, A fellow fan of parkrun here!

    I have one of those foam rollers, works wonders on my tight IT bands and glutes. I think every runner should have one!


  2. Hi Steve,

    thanks for your response. It sounds like this should be one for my Christmas list for Santa then!



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