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Friday, 2 December 2011

To parkrun, or not to parkrun (tomorrow)? That is the question...

To parkrun, or not to parkrun (tomorrow)? That is the question...

And the very simple answer would have to be "not". But things aren't really as simple as that.

On Wednesday I had my session of pain with the physio and my calf is still very sore. On Wednesday evening I fell ill, have been in bed since and still feel pretty bad and dehydrated. So common sense tells me that running at parkrun would again be a bad idea. However, as I was reminded last week you don't have to run at parkrun.

I discussed my return to parkrun with my physio on Wednesday and told him that my intention was to return to parkrun this Saturday and try to mostly walk with a bit of jogging. He agreed that this should be safe. If anything he was saying that I should try to progress a bit more quickly than the 1 minute walk 1 minute jog (at walking pace) that I was suggesting. So in theory that was what I wanted to do tomorrow.

I suppose the sickness has changed things a bit. But the way I am progressing today, I expect to feel fine by tomorrow morning.

The parkrun 50-club t-shirt is also still there on the horizon, just five runs away, which is another big tempting factor. I saw what they looked like last week and can't wait to earn my own. How can I claim to be a "parkrunfan" if I don't even have the t-shirt?

If I do my parkrun tomorrow I think it is safe to say that I will beat my recent all-time slowest time of 33:14, set when pacing my friend Mike round at the spooky Halloween run. By beat I of course mean "run slower than".

All in all I think I should be up to a part walk, part jog at parkrun tomorrow. The fresh air will no doubt do me good after being in my bed for most of the last 36 hours!


  1. Volunteer as tail-runner. That way it counts toward your 50 T-shirt AND you get 100 points toward the year's table (or have you already got your 300?)!
    Plus you get to chat with some of the slower folks who you probably don't normally get to spend much time with (potential blog material!).
    I'm having a break from running or my usual timekeeper role and am having a go at registration tomorrow (at Cannon Hill). Mainly because I have a 5-mile race on Sunday!
    Best of luck with the recovery - take it easy.

  2. Hi Road-kill,
    I didn't actually volunteer as the tailrunner, but that was pretty much where I found myself. I think it was only walkers behind me. I do already have the 300 as I have volunteered 6 or 7 times this year I think. Too much time spent injured! Another step closer to the 50 t-shirt as you say. Good luck for Sunday (today).

  3. Thanks Ian,
    Good to hear you enjoyed your 'parkjog' yesterday and, more importantly, that you took another step towards full recovery.
    No PB for me this morning, but I'm very happy with what was comfortably my fastest time on what is a comparatively slow course.
    I'm volunteering again this week as I have a 10-miler on Sunday. All these non-parkrun events are hindering my progress toward collecting my 50 T!
    I must make the effort to get over to Cov parkrun again in the new year.


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