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Friday, 16 December 2011

The parkrun 50-club

I am now rapidly approaching my 50th completed parkrun.

As I am sure most readers will be well aware and no doubt already members of, completing your 50th parkrun gets you into the 50 club and entitles you to the fantastic 50-club t-shirts. Adidas, one of parkrun's official sponsors gives these away to all parkrun 50-club members for free. Isn't that amazing! Not only do we get all the fun of parkrun for free, but once you reach 50 runs you get a t-shirt for free. Not only that, but if you have seen the new 50-club (technical) t-shirts, they are fantastic and far nicer than the old Nike ones. They look the part, I believe they are made of the right materials and are therefore breathable and they are the must have parkrun status symbol!

There are of course also the elusive 100 and 250 clubs and the associated t-shirts, but they are (probably) many years off for me t the current rate, so I'll concentrate on the 50 club for now!

It's has been an up and down parkrun year for me. There was the high of my 17:49 PB in February followed by months of disappointingly recurring injury problems. Those injury problems have significantly hampered my progression towards joining the parkrun 50-club. At one stage I was on target for reaching the milestone in late September. That shows just how many events I have missed.

I said that I was approaching my 50th "completed" parkrun. I say "completed" because there have been a few (maybe 3 or 4) that I have started and not completed. Amazingly, with all the injuries I have had, only one was due to injury. The others were runs started with my kids and stopped half-way. The kids enjoy parkrun and want to complete one (well they do before they start), but half way through they have always had enough and its better to stop before they hate it (or me!).

So the 50th run and joining the 50 club beckons. I believe I have completed 47 parkruns now. As long as I don't have any injury problems in the meantime, tomorrow will be number 48, Christmas Eve will be 49 and (I can't do Christmas day) New Years Eve (Coventry parkrun #99) will be my 50th!

Hopefully I will be one of the last parkrunners to join the 50-club in 2011 and if I don't manage that, then one of the first of 2012. 50-club, make room for another member, I'm on my way!

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  1. I got my 50th on 31st December too! Mine was at Heaton. Good to hear from a fellow parkrun fanatic.


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