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parkrunfan Data utility

Over the past few weeks I have developed a neat little Windows application to extract parkrun data from the parkrun web site. I have called this application the "parkrunfan Data" utility. I believe the free "Lite" edition is a must have for any parkrunner!

I make the "Lite" version of this utility available for free. This Lite version has many features that any parkrunner interested in their parkrun history and the parkrun history of their friends is bound to find useful.

I am still developing this utility further and early in 2012 I plan to make an upgrade available to the Full edition available for a nominal fee. The Full edition will have loads of new features and will allow you to rearrange all the parkrun data for you and your friends in many different and interesting ways. At a low price and rich in features I am sure that you will find this good value for very little money.

The big feature of the Full edition is that you will be able to set up leagues between you and your friends at the same of different parkrun locations, to run over a number of weeks, with points awarded based on time, position, age grade or time relative to the runner's PB. You define your own leagues and you decide what points system works best for you and your friends. The Full edition also gives the ability to compare head-to-head performances between you and your friends across all your runs in a tabulated format.A few other restrictions are removed, for example you will be able to add any number of friends to your profile so that you can get quick access to their most recent parkrun and all their parkrun history.

A percentage of the Upgrade fee will be donated to parkrun. This will allow the parkrunfan Data utility to put something back into parkrun for the good of all of us parkrunners.

I am currently in discussions with parkrun HQ about making the pakrunfan Data utility available as a download from the parkrun web site. Watch this space.

Please bookmark this page and come back to it regularly to stay up-to-date with details of new features, the Full edition and how to upgrade.

Please send me any feedback you want to give, by leaving comments on this blog, on my Facebook page (Like button available from this blog, or search for "parkrunfan" on Facebook) or by following @parkrunfan on Twitter. Alternatively email me: parkrunfan@gmail.com