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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More (but less) physio pain!

Another Wednesday and another painful deep massage session with the physio!

This time he "had to apply much more pressure" in order to reach my pain threshold, or so he said. It was true to be honest, when he started off applying the deep massage it was nowhere near as bad as last week.

As I assume that any decent physio could, he could clearly tell that I was reasonably comfortable and he proceeded to increase the applied pressure of the massage until I reached (breaking point) similar pain levels to last week. Whether it was just his sadistic side or the fact that deeper massage is better for me at the moment I don't know. I can only assume that he was just pushing me as far as he could for beneficial purposes. The greater the applied pressure the better chance of breaking down the scar tissue I suppose.

He assured me that the calf injury must have improved since last week as he "really did have to put a lot more into the massage". At one point he even told me that his thumbs were really painful. I could only laugh and say "good!". That was me getting him back for last week when he said "I could say I'm sorry but I'd be lying" and "its not going to hurt me!".

The banter between us is great. Even if it is one way (from him) once the pain really kicks in! I think that may be one of the indicators he uses to know when he has reached my limit. i.e. I shut up. That and the biting the pillow, the red face and the fact that I am trying to escape through the base of the treatment table as I arch away from his grasp!

I am very pleased to say that we have scheduled another session of pain for a week today. "same time same place" he said in a slightly too jolly tone. Of course. What fun! I can't wait!

Some very promising signs though. Last week I hobbled away from the session an almost broken man. This week I was positively prancing across the car park. Not quite skipping, but walking pretty normally. So it can't have been that bad, can it! Or perhaps, hoping beyond hope, the leg really is improving. Fingers crossed there will be no bad reaction tomorrow and I can start to plan towards parkrun this coming Saturday. I may even try to jog the whole way.

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