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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Review: parkrun targets for 2011

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a blog post setting out my parkrun targets for 2011.

I thought now would be the right time to look back at those targets and see how well (or poorly) I have done. I haven't really looked back at them or given them much thought this year and with all my injury problems over the last 7 or 8 months I am not expecting to have done very well.

I split that original blog post into two parts, general aims and some specific targets. I will rate how I have done in bold immediately after each aim and target. So here goes.....

First of all I set out some general aims as follows. I said I would like to:

- Complete 50 parkruns in total and get the 50 parkruns t-shirt.
At the time of writing (23rd December) I have run 48, with numbers 49 and 50 planned for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. So I may still achieve this aim.

- Run at least 30 Coventry parkrun events in the year, but hopefully nearer to 40 if possible.
25 so far, so maximum of 27 - FAILED! But closer than I expected.

- Achieve at least 5 new PBs.
Ouch! I only managed 1, way back in February - FAILED. But what a PB, a 25 second improvement from 18:14 down to 17:49, so I am not too disappointed!

- Win my first parkrun event.
SUCCESS, winning my first and only (to date) event on the 12th February, getting that huge PB in the process.

- Perhaps I might even do my first parkrun at another location.
FAILED, but there is always next year!

From those general aims I set out the following definitive targets.. I must:

- Get a new PB before the end of February.
SUCCESS - that huge PB!

- Take my PB below 18 minutes before the end of April.
SUCCESS, that very same run!

- Take my PB below 17:45 before the end of 2011.
FAILED, but so so close!

- Finish in the top 5 of the male points table.
FAILED, unfortunately too many missed events and the latter part of the year running in the mid-field and towards the back certainly haven't helped.

- Finish in the top 10 in at least 75% of events attended
FAILED, I have managed this in only 13 of the 25 events I have taken part in. So only just over 50%.

Considering the injury filled year I have had, I didn't do too badly with my aims and targets. Lets hope next year goes just a little bit better, hopefully with a few less injuries!

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