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Monday, 12 December 2011

Another beautiful day for a parkrun

A little bit of a delay posting this one after a busy weekend, but what a lovely day for a parkrun we had in Coventry on Saturday.

There is no doubting that it was a touch on the chilly side, but crisp and sunny would be the best way to describe the conditions. We are now reaching the time of the year when anything other than moderate conditions sees the numbers reduced down to the core of passionate parkrunners. That said, Coventry parkrun still managed to exceed 150 runners. Given the fact that it was cold enough for the course to have plenty of icy patches that isn't a bad turn out.

It's easy to let cold and icy weather put you off from turning out at parkrun. I think those that don't turn up are missing out. They probably have no idea how many actually do turn up whatever the weather. Its pretty incredible to see to be honest. The most amazing of these occasions is when we get snow. These parkruns have to be the most enjoyable of the year. Everyone knows that we run at our own risk and almost everyone takes it easy and just has a great time as a result. Safe to say I am probably one of the only parkrunners looking foward to the next parkrun in the snow.

I believe at least one or two parkruns around the country weren't so lucky this week with ice stopped play in a couple of cases. Safety first always has to be the sensible approach of course.

Almost unbelievably Coventry parkrun saw a winning time of 16:14 which is some going in decent conditions but, given that half the course was more suited to speed-skating than running, this is very impressive. I never did find out which one of Torville and Dean it was! It might even have been Wilf O'Reilly (who?)!

As for me I managed another stepping stone back to full fitness by completing the whole course running (albeit at a comfortable pace) without stopping once. Fingers crossed my softly softly approach to this comeback will continue to work.

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