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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Freedom parkrun in the rain

Off for my freedom parkrun......Well it wasn't supposed to rain!

A least I didn't think it was. But right on cue, just as I had squeezed myself into the various obligatory lycra running garments (not easy when you ae as inflexible as me!) required to stop my muscles from pulling themselves to pieces in the cold, it started raining.

"I am a fair weather runner and I am NOT going!" - that was the first strop my inner child pulled (nothing dodgy - it was just my brain was being particularly rebelious at the time).

But then I told myself (quite sternly) "Yes you are. Now get out there and run man!". So run I did.

I headed out into the cold and the rain, dressed all in black (I've not yet managed to bring myself to buy Hi-Viz - I know I should), looking like the milk tray man (see below).

Ok, so I admit it, a slightly shorter, balder, less well shaven version of the milk tray man. Yes, the only thing I had in common was the all black kit. Let's move on.

How shall I run it today? I had no plan. I always have a plan when I go running. But today I did not.

I ended up doing a fairly brisk (but slightly comfortable) 19:56 on the Coventry parkrun course. My 195th freedom parkrun, if you are not bored of my stats yet. Not a bad start! Some fool (it was me) then decided I should do some hills. Granted its not a big hill, as sprinting up it only takes 30 seconds. But after 7 reps I had had enough. Truth be told I had had enough after 3 reps, but I somehow pushed myself on to 7 in the end.

So considering I am still (mentally at least) a fair weather runner, I didn't do too bad considering the conditions.

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