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Friday, 30 December 2011

A chance to be a parkrun tourist

Coventry parkrun and its race director are taking a well earned break tomorrow. This gives me and the rest of the Coventry parkrunners a great opportunity to become parkrun tourists.

For me it will be my first parkrun at any location other than Coventry. I have considered running at other parkrun events before, but the location of the Coventry event is so convenient for me that there has never been any good reason to head elsewhere.

So this cancellation of the Coventry event forces me to become a parkrun tourist for the first time, something I have really wanted to do for quite a while. In fact, it means that I manage to tick off one more of my targets for the year right at the very end of the year. This time last year I stated that running at another parkrun location was something I wanted to do in 2011.

So then the question is where should I do my parkrun this weekend? The closest three seem to be Brueton, Braunstone and Leamington. And for no particular reason other than it probably being the closest I have chosen Leamington.

If I understand correctly this means it will be a PB of sorts, being my first run at that location. I also hear that Leamington may not be the fastest of courses, but given my current state of injury comeback that doesn't bother me at all.

I'll try and blog my thoughts on Leamington parkrun and becoming a parkrun tourist for the first time at some point over the weekend. Happy parkrunning one and all!


  1. Good luck - enjoy the hill, shown below on my Garmin:


  2. Leamington is a lovely course, once the dreaded hill is out of the way! Then it's a nice long downhill/flat to the finish. Did you see they are having a 'superhero' parkrun? Pants on the outside if all else fails! ;)

  3. Let's hope the runners give Jason and the team the support they deserve in 2012.

  4. Perhaps a few of us should post about the effort that event directors and other regular volunteers put in each week, giving their own time.

    I also asked Jason if he might want to contribute to the blog along those lines. If more of us were aware of what goes on behind the scenes, then maybe more would volunteer more often to help share the workload.


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