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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Whatever happened to the Crispy Challenge?

Whatever happened to the Crispy Challenge? I hope to find out.

Unfortunately (for me) I hadn't even heard of parkrun when the 1st "Crispy Challenge" took place and I found out about "Crispy Challenge 2" far too late to join in.

So "what is the Crispy Challenge?" i hear you cry! As far a I can tell from the Crispy Challenge pages of the parkrun website, entrants to the challenge are invited to record their personal parkrun time targets to achieve during the period of the challenge. The website appears to suggest that the 1st challenge ran for 6 months and the second for 5 months.

I believe the idea is to see if you can use the challenge to encourage yourself to beat your target, set new PBs and even go beyond your target. I suppose the fact that you have submitted your targets for all to see can be just what some people need to make them get out there and set that all important PB. Its a great idea and I bet it works for a lot of people. I know it would work for me!

Now, the Crispy Challenge page suggests, and has suggested since November 2010, that (and I quote) "Crispy Challenge is taking a short break, but rest assured, CC3 will start sometime in the new year - stay tuned to Crispy Corner in the weekly newsletter for more details.". Admittedly it doesn't mention which 'new year', so perhaps 2012 is as good a target as any. I know that all at parkrun HQ are always extremely busy running parkrun and getting new events off the ground so this is honestly just a gentle reminder. I for one would be very interested in seeing a Crispy Challenge 3 started.

So parkrun HQ, and Crispy in particular, what is the plan for the Crispy Challenge? How about Crispy Challenge 3 for 2012? With 2012 being an (sorry "the") Olympic year you could maybe make it run right up until the start of the Olympics.

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