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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas parkrun fun

It was another fantastic morning for a parkrun.

I wouldn't say it is exactly mild today, but running at 7 minute mile pace for 3.1 miles in three layers (with the top layer being felt!), two hats, two pairs of socks and gloves was a little too much as it turns out! I very nearly overheated I think.

Yet another superb parkrun though. An amazing 225 parkrunners finished the run today at the Coventry event. An incredible turnout given what day it is.

After the parkrun and the catch up with parkrun friends, three of us headed off for a bit of an extra run - in our Santa suits!

We headed out on a route of about 3 miles or so. This part of the run was just as much fun as the parkrun itself. I suppose three men running along busy streets is not something you see everyday.

Every few seconds we were getting flashed and beeped and plenty of waves. You would think most of this would be from cars with young kids in the back, but surprisingly many of the most enthusiastic wavers were women on their own. I think women must love Santa. There aren't many days of the year that three 30 something men can run around in fancy dress and get waves from women!

It was a lot of fun and felt great to put so many smiles on faces. Even if many were probably laughing at us rather than with us, but I'll take that anyway.

Looking forward to doing again next year!

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