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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Santa parkrun 2011

Its the week of the Coventry parkrun Santa run and my Santa outfit has made it back down from the loft and is ready to go.

I loved the Santa parkrun last year. Probably in part because I nearly managed my first parkrun win, missing out by about an inch, but also just because I think its fun to run in fancy dress, particularly when you still run well.

A few years ago my brother and I did the Coventry fun run dressed as ladies. Out of the 5000+ finishers that year we came 19th and 20th I think. I find it pretty funny that dressed as ladies (and I mean full dresses, filled bras and handbags!) we still managed to finish so close to the front. So I think I enjoyed the Santa parkrun last year for similar reasons.

To be honest last year was the first Coventry Santa parkrun and as a result the number of people in fancy dress wasn't that high. This year I expect it to be a much higher percentage of Santas, Elves, Reindeer amd other Christmas themes.

If you are thinking of buying a Santa suit for your own Santa run then I have found this selection on Amazon:

If anyone is fancies the Coventry parkrun Santa run it takes place the Saturday at 9am in War Memorial Park in Coventry.

I'm pretty sure there will parkrun Santa runs all over the country over the next couple of weekends. In fact I have just found that you can find a full list of Santa runs here.

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