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Monday, 22 November 2010

Missed parkrun

So, my first Saturday without being at a parkrun in any capacity for over 3 months. I certainly missed it. I missed the running and meeting up with the usual people. And I certainly missed the parkrun itself.

I think I must be addicted to the pain. Almost every time I run a parkrun (and quite a few of my training runs to be honest) I give it pretty much everything I have. I don't tend to leave much in reserve. I really like this feeling a lot. I always have. I was always the masochist at pre-season football training that loved pushing myself to (and even beyond) my own personal limit. One day I should write a blog entry about my Great North Run experience - that was fun! I don't tend to push myself quite as far these days, but close. I think I missed that feeling of utter exhaustion followed by euphoria this weekend.

I really can't wait for parkrun next weekend. Even more than usual this week though, mainly because I am introducing a couple of mates to parkrun for the first time. Being non-runners, I think they are going to hate it. But I am certain that they will be impressed with the parkrun concept even if its not for them.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Bring on next week's parkrun!

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