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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Freedom in the snow

The weather forecast for Coventry for tomorrow is snow, with a high temperature of 0C. Hopefully not enough snow to prevent or interrupt my freedom run tomorrow. The weather website I use says that the "realfeel" will be -8C - that's very cold!

To be honest I am intending to run whatever the weather. I just hope that the ground isn't covered with ice as I see that as the only hurdle to prevent me doing a fast time. I'm feeling in top form at the moment and really want to go for a fast run. I'm hopeful that my brother Andy will be joining me for the freedom run tomorrow. With a bit of luck we can have a good go at Andy's PB.

One of my only remaining targets for this year is to help Andy get his PB down a bit. This may sound selfless, but I am actually thinking about my own chances of improvement. Having Andy to run with and to push me next year will give me my best chance of improving further. Recent form has shown that Andy is heading that way.

So, same as last week, I hope to aim for a sub 19:30 freedom run tomorrow.

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