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Friday, 19 November 2010

Freedom parkrun #15 (19:48)

What a beautifully sunny lunchtime it was today in War Memorial Park in Coventry. Perfect for a freedom parkrun. So that's what I did.

Unfortunately I will be away for the weekend and will not be able to take part in the Coventry parkrun tomorrow morning. Even more unfortunately the Wirral doesn't have a parkrun yet and the nearest runs will be an inconvenient hour or so away by car. I can't wait until the day that parkrun has spread so far and wide that wherever you find yourself on a Saturday morning a parkrun won't be too far away.

So for the first time in 7 weeks I won't be at parkrun as a runner or volunteer. In fact, the last time I missed a parkrun completely was the 7th August. I think its fair to say I have had a good run of attendance. I'm sure I'll miss it tomorrow though.

Back to today's freedom parkrun. I was accompanied by my brother Andy again, for the second time this week. Andy is volunteering at Coventry parkrun tomorrow so we both agreed to use our freedom run as our parkrun replacement run. We agreed to aim for sub 20 minutes, but agreed 21 minutes would be ok, depending on how we felt on the way round. Andy has only really started going sub 20 minutes in the last 3 weeks so we knew it would be a tough ask for him.

We set off at a good pace and unlike our midweek run, neither of us were up for chatting at this pace. We were very pleased with a 9:47 first lap and even with having to avoid a digger working on the new visitor centre in the park we still managed a 10:01 second lap for a very pleasing 19:48. This equalled Andy's 3rd fastest official parkrun time, so he was pretty pleased.

All in all, our freedom run was another great use of a sunny late autumn lunchtime in Coventry War Memorial park. If the weather is like that every Wednesday and Friday lunchtime through the winter I will end up clocking up quite a few freedom runs and quite a few miles. Fingers crossed!

Best of luck to everyone running a parkrun tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it. I'm sure I'll be thinking about it and missing it at 9am tomorrow morning.

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