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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Another day without a run

Another day without a run. That's now 4 days without any parkrun, freedom run, training or any kind of run. And I am certainly not up for a run this evening.

I am really looking forward to getting back into the park for a run tomorrow lunchtime. I have not yet decided whether that will be a freedom run or laps of the perimeter of the park. That decision rests upon whether or not my brother joins me. But one thing is for certain and that is that I really want to go for it and I can't wait.

If its a freedom parkrun I want to aim for one of my best and certainly sub 19:30. I may even be tempted for a sub 19:00, but only if Andy doesn't join me, as that time is still slightly out of reach for him at the moment.

If I end up doing perimeter laps on my own I will probably go for 2 gentle laps and then one flat out. Flat out for me works out at about 5 minutes 35 seconds per mile, which for one lap of the park (at 1.75 miles) leaves me utterly shattered. I have been missing that feeling and can't wait for it tomorrow.

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