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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Other targets for 2011

So I have written about my training and my parkrun targets for 2011, but what other running targets can I come up with for 2011?

The only other event that I did in 2010 was the Coventry fun run, finishing with a 2 minute PB in 5th place. So one tough target would be to improve on this. A new PB would be ideal, however finishing position depends on who turns up on the day. But I'll try for a top 4 finish.

My last half marathon was in 2009 and my only 10km was in 2007. In 2011 I'll aim to do at least one event at each of these distances and I simply have to aim for PBs in both. In the 10km I'll be aiming to beat my current PB of 39:58. In the half marathon I'll be aiming to beat my current PB of 1:33:37.

My challenges for general running events for 2011 are:
- Coventry fun run: 21:00 (to beat my current PB of 21:22, set in 2010).
- 10km: 38:00. This will be very tough.
- Half marathon: 1:30:00. I feel more confident about the speed to achieve this, just so long as I can do the distance.

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