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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My 3rd run in 4 days!

I can't believe it, I really must be a proper runner now!

Today I ran my 3rd run in the last 4 days. Not only that, but it was horrible weather, with near to freezing heavy rain and I was running on my own but still I didn't think twice about getting out there and running. I had three layers on and to be honest, that worked well against the cold, wind and rain.

I decided that the off-road parts of the current parkrun course would be far too boggy, so I instead went for 3 laps of the perimeter of War Memorial Park in Coventry. I sometimes go for 3 laps as fast as I can, but with the extra Christmas weight and a recent sore Achilles (since running 18 miles in two days), I decided to go for 2 comfortable laps followed by 1 flat out. My best lap (after 2 slower laps) being 9:45 prior to this run. But I wasn't even considering that as a target for today.

As always I set myself some tricky targets for the third lap. I knew I wouldn't be able to get near my PB due to the conditions and my extra Christmas weight, but I decided I would be happy with 10:30, very pleased with 10:15 and over the moon with sub 10:00.

I completed the first lap in a comfortable 12:02. Heading round the second lap I noticed the puddles deepening and in some areas the tarmac disappearing out of sight, but I was not put off. I completed the second lap in 11:52 and instantly upped the speed heading into the third lap.

Around the half way point of the 3rd lap I was already 15 seconds down on my PB time and confirmed to myself that a new PB was indeed out of the question. In the (competitive) back of my mind I still considered it possible. Still feeling good, I decided to make sure I at least achieved the time of 10:15 and upped the pace again to go for that target.

On the final straight, which it would normally be comfortable to complete in about a minute, I had only 42 seconds left for my target, so I had to put a bit of a sprint in up the last incline. But all was worthwhile in the end as I completed the lap in 10:15. Exactly matching my ideal target.

A very pleasing effort all round, both for getting out in the first place in the cold and rain and also for getting such a good time on that last lap. Looking back through my records for last year it seems that 10:15 is my equal 6th best lap ever.

Not a bad way at all to start with my first fast run of the year. Obviously though, I'll be looking to go faster in my next fast run!

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