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Thursday, 16 December 2010

parkrun Sweatshop Monthly Prize

Every month, at each different parkrun event, a prize is awarded to the most deserving parkrunner at the event during the preceding month.

Sweatshop sponsors these monthly prizes, giving the lucky winner the chance to go to their nearest Sweatshop store to be fitted for a pair of new trainers for free!

When I heard about this I could not believe that there wasn't a catch. But there truly isn't.

parkrun is growing at a tremendous rate, so this sponsorship may not continue forever, but it is (currently) yet another good incentive to attend parkrun events.

I am not entirely sure how the prize winner is selected each month, but I do know that it is relative to previous performance. What I mean by this is that it is not down to how many times you have won, or how fast you go, but it is how you have done this month relatively to previous months. I can only guess that this calculation must include the number of runs attended, and the time taken and position in each of those runs. It may also include the number of times volunteered and perhaps even the number of freedom runs run. What I do know is that runners towards the back of the field are just as likely to win the prize as those in the middle or at the front. Perhaps even more so. I think this is as it should be for parkrun. I read, a while back, that (as far as the organisers are aware) the monthly prize has never been given to a race winner.

Currently standing at 54 parkrun events and 12 monthly prizes, Sweatshop are currently giving away trainers at the rate of 648 per year. This is a fantastic bonus for parkrunners, thank you Sweatshop.

Now I for one can say that I don't need this kind of incentive, but if it works for some and turns occasional runners into parkrun regulars then this has to be great news for both the individual and for parkrun itself.

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Coventry monthly prize a few months back, but I'll make that the subject of another post some day soon.


  1. The monthly prize is awarded entirely at the event director's discretion (usually with input from the team) and can be for absolutely any reason whatsoever!
    Enjoying the blog - keep it up!
    Maybe see you at Cannon Hill parkrun sometime? I occasionally do Brueton and have even made it over to Cov once. Sutton parkrun is due to kick off in Jan, thanks to Phil who has already been instrumental in Brueton and Cannon Hill parkruns.


  2. Many thanks for your comment Dave. I didn't realise it was decided in that way. Being of logical mind, I thought there had to be some kind of formula behind it.

    I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I'm enjoying writing it. Coming up to the Christmas season I expect I may go a bit quiet for a while.

    Cannon Hill could be a good one to try out. I didn't realise Sutton was starting that soon. I was talking to someone I met one Saturday evening about how amazed I am that Sutton Park doesn't have one yet. That may be another one I can try out.


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