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Friday, 6 January 2012

Other running targets for 2012

As my blog title and the majority of the content suggests, my running very much revolves around parkrun. However, I do have other running targets for 2012.

Unfortunately, I have probably left it too late to make the GB Olympics squad this time around but there is always next time. Optimism is something I am good at! But the Olympics is not the only place to run this year!

I have already enrolled for the Regency Run in Royal Leamington Spa in April. After running 2 10km events with injury in 2011 I feel that I have something to prove and must get a 10km PB in 2012. I only have to beat 39:58 for a PB. If I get fit again this shouldn't be too tough.

I think I would like to do a couple more 10km events after the Regency Run too.

I'll have to see how I go, but towards the end of the year I may even consider a half marathon, but that is a long way off at the moment, both in time and distance!


  1. Heh - I always love reading blogs which say things like "I *only* have to beat 39:58". 39:58 is the promised land for me. Hell, 45:00 is the promised land....! :)

    Keep up the good work. :)


  2. Hi Matt,

    its all relative really isn't it. I was fit and healthy at the start of last year and running under 18 for 5km. Having only done one 10km whilst not injured, there is just a bit of a mismatch between my 5km and 10km PBs. That has to be addressed!

    Thanks for you comment.


  3. Northbrook 10k is in July this year. Covers some pretty similar terrain to the new Cov Half route, so could be worth a look in. Just realised that I currently have a faster 10k PB than you -- 39:51!

    You can't touch this!
    (duh-du-du du-du-du, duh-duh)
    You can't touch this...

    Seriously, hope you can stay injury-free this year and put me back in my box, much as I enjoy Hammer Time.

    1. But you are a top athlete Dan. I hope to at least get back a bit closer to you this year. I'll keep the Northbrook 10km in mind. I just need a few more injury free months under my belt first.

      See you at Cov parkrun soon,



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