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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Two targets for 2011 ticked off

Two targets for 2011 ticked off, and just three more (of the original 5) to go!

As I wrote only last weekend, I had 5 big targets for parkrun for this year. And now only three remain. This weekend I have ticked off both the first and second of my targets. Those being:

1) a PB before the end of February, tick
2) sub 18:00 before the end of April, tick

In fact I was only 5 seconds away from my third and final PB target for the year, that being:
3) sub 17:45 by the end of the year.

I think it may be a few weeks before I even think about going for that kind of time again. But its just great to know that it is a realistic possibility. When I gave myself these challenges at the turn of the year, I really thought I could get close to 18:00, but I thought I would have to struggle all year for the 17:45. Perhaps I will still, perhaps I'll never get there, but it doesn't feel that way today. Today it feels like I could go faster still.

By winning my first parkrun event I have also ticked off one of my general aims for the year. Winning depends almost entirely on who turns up on the day and I think this win was largely due to a large contingent of club runners missing parkrun due to the big cross country event in the afternoon. But at least I took the chance when it was there to be had.

So with targets ticked of left right and centre its a good job I now have two 10km races to look forward to in April and June. That will give me a chance to have a go at some of my other targets for 2011.

My 10km target for this year is 38:00. Considering my 10km PB (at my one and only 10km event to date) is 39:58, this still sounds like a tough challenge. But I can't wait to have a go!

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